What is Snobbox?

Snobbox is India's first personal styling service for women with an aim to provide customized fashion box curated just for you. Simply fill out the Style profile and your personal stylists will handpick a selection of approx 7 to 15 pieces of clothing, bags, jewellery and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle, delivered to your doorstep. Each box is curated by our expert fashion stylist only for you. You can keep what you like and only pay for what you keep (online). Shipping and returns are free and hassle-free.

2. How is it different from another e-commerce store/ offline store?

The basic problem of ‘What would look good on me and How to ideally style them' is still not solved yet. The Snobbox styling service is not solely specific to putting together looks. We help our clients save time and trouble of selecting clothing for themselves, shop smarter as per their needs, look & feel good while evolving their personal sense of style. We combine expert styling and technology to create a very curated experience, all at the comfort of their home and at a frequency of their choice. Our experienced ways to get that desired product at the right time, epitomes all the advantages of other e-commerce shopping platforms or shopping offline in store.


1. Fill out your style profile.

Begin by filling out the Style Profile. A complete style profile helps us understand your physique, vital stats, style, budget, and lifestyle and should only take about 10 minutes.

2. Schedule and pick a date you would like to receive your Snobbox.

Choose your preferred delivery date from the calendar. You’ll have to pay a minimal styling fee of Rs.199 to place an order which is redeemable against anything you keep. Shipping & Returns are easy & free always

3. Consultation with your Personal Stylist.

On completion of which, your personal stylist will get in touch with you via the call for the style consultation. She will then curate a box with approx. 7-15 products, carefully chosen for your size, style from this season, whilst taking your preference of budget into consideration

4. Buy and pay online for what you like and we will take back the rest for free.

Upon delivery, take 3 days to decide what you'd like to keep and what you'd like to send back. Log in to your account and proceed to checkout where you only pay for what you keep. You can pay online from the largest mode of payments methods. Easily return the items you don't want by pasting the prepaid return shipping labels provided inside the plastic envelope and our courier partner will pick it up the next working day.

5. Tell us what you think! give us your feedback.

Don't forget to give us specific feedback on each of the items you receive. Our personal stylists are able to send you better selections when we know what did and didn't work for you, and why.



1. What type of items and categories do I expect?

  • We work with the varied range of collection and style sourced by the expert merchandisers. Part of the fun is that we will introduce you to new styles that bring diversity and freshness to your wardrobe.
  • Because our client’s tastes are varied we carry a wide range of items of more than 10000+ products.
  • We currently offer pieces in Western Clothing, Bags, Jewellery and Accessories.
  • Most notable categories include; Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Dresses, Sweaters, Shirts, Outerwear, Scarves, Jewellery and Bags.
  • We are growing and evolving quickly and you can expect to see us add more and more new categories and brands.

2. How many pieces will I get in a delivery?

Your stylist will send approximately 7 to 15 pieces, which will be the mix of western clothing, bags, jewellery, and accessories.
We encourage the request you may have regarding certain preferences on items you would like to receive more than other items. Like receiving more dresses than bags or more jewellery than bottoms. The choice is all yours.

3. How do I find my size?

Please use the size guide we have provided to provide us with your size. Because we constantly validate sizing to ensure consistency among the many brands we carry, we may choose to ship you a different size than what you have included in your Style Profile. Don’t worry about the size on the tag, we are just making sure we are sending you the items that will fit you best.



1. What is the styling fee?

There is a minimal styling fee of Rs.199, (redeemable against anything you buy) that you have to pay at the time of order to receive your curated Snobbox.

2. Is there any membership fee or subscription or shipping or returns fee?

No, currently it's FREE! Apart from the styling fee of Rs.199, there is No commitment or No monthly/ subscription fees. Try-on awesome pieces just like you're shopping! However this is our promotional offer, try your hands on the exclusive service now.

3. How much does each piece cost in the Snobbox?

  • Price of Clothing start at Rs. 699 - 2999
  • Jewelry and accessories start at Rs. 249 - 1499
  • Bags start at Rs. 999 - 3499
You can inform your stylists during style consultation and how much you are comfortable paying. Our stylist will choose items that fit within your budget range.

4. When do I have to pay for the pieces I decide to keep?

  • Once you receive the shipment, you'll have 3 days to try everything on.
  • Log in to your Snobbox account upon delivery, checkout and pay online
  • Leave the feedback on the pieces and decide on the pieces you are keeping and returning.



1. What sizes can you style?

  • We are currently able to style women who wear sizes 0/XS - 14/XL, which reflects the size offering currently available to us.
  • We are actively working with our brands to increase the range of sizes so that we can deliver great selections to more women.

2. Can I see my products before the box is shipped?

No! It's a complete surprise for all our customers. However, your personal stylist will call you before curating the pieces for you to keep your preferences in mind.

3. How do I order the same products that I saw on your social media pages?

You can leave a Note for your Stylist whenever you schedule a shipment. If you request a specific piece, we’ll do our best to find it for you, but sometimes these items are out of stock.

4. What if I don’t like anything? Can I return everything?

Yes, you can keep anything, everything or nothing.

5. Do you style for men?

Currently, our personal styling service is only for women.



1. How do I schedule a box?

  • First, you must first fill out your Style Profile and account information.
  • Once you’ve saved your important info, you can schedule a box from the calendar depending upon the availability and pin code the box needs to be delivered.
  • You'll also have the option to sign up for subscription ranging from every two weeks to every three months or you can always order your box on demand.

2. If I schedule a box on a particular date, does it arrive that day?

  • Because there are many factors in styling and shipping your order, we cannot guarantee a specific day that your shipment will arrive.
  • However, we always try to make sure that your order arrives within a few days of the date you've scheduled, therefore it may arrive a few days earlier or later than your scheduled date.

3. How to check on your shipment?

Your homepage will let you know the date of your shipment and its status. We'll send you an Email & SMS with the tracking information when it ships.



1. Is there any membership fee or styling fee?

No! Shipping and Returns are completely free

2. When will I receive the Box?

  • Our goal is to deliver within 4-6 days from the date of ordering your Snobbox for most of the cities and it varies depending upon your location.
  • Kindly check the approximate time when you select a date on a schedule page. We are continuously increasing our capacity and team to give you the quick delivery service.

2. When will I receive the Box?

  • Our goal is to deliver within 4-6 days from the date of ordering your Snobbox for most of the cities and it varies depending upon your location.
  • Kindly check the approximate time when you select a date on a schedule page. We are continuously increasing our capacity and team to give you the quick delivery service.

3. Do you guarantee the arrival date?

  • We strive to have your shipment arrive as close to the date youâve selected as possible. However, due to the various factors in building and shipping an order we can't guarantee an exact arrival date.
  • If your shipment doesn’t arrive within a few days of your requested date, please contact us to let us know.

4. What do I do if my box is received in a damaged condition?

  • If you notice that your parcel is damaged or tampered, please notify us on our customer support immediately.



1. How many days do I get to try the products or make the checkout?

You get 3 days to checkout online.

2. What should I do after I receive the box?

We encourage you to try on everything our personal stylists have picked for you because you just never know what will look great on. How to check out online:

  • Once you decide on what you are keeping and returning, Sign in to your Snobbox account and you will find the "Checkout page" of all the products shipped to you in the account.
  • Each product will have a KEEP / RETURN button with the reasons for each.
  • Each piece is pre-selected as "Keep.” If you would like to “Keep” an item please leave feedback about what you liked most about the piece so we learn about your preferences.
  • For the items you, want to return click "Return" and let us know why the piece didn’t work out. We’ll use your feedback to hone in better on what you’re looking for.
  • Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Review Order” button at the bottom of the page; you’ll still be able to review and confirm your order before it’s finalized.
  • Note - It is mandatory to select at least one reason for the products you are returning so your stylist can know what worked and what did not and why.

3. How do returns work?

  • Upon delivery, take 3 days to decide what you'd like to keep and what you'd like to send back.
  • Log in to your account and proceed to checkout where you only pay for what you keep. You can pay online from the largest mode of payments methods.

4. How do I make payments for the pieces I keep?

Once you checkout online, an online link will be generated with the total amount due for the products kept.

5. What mode of payment do you accept online?

We accept all the payments available online.
You can pay online via:
1. Debit cards - All Banks
2. Credit cards - All Banks
3. Net-banking - All banks
4. Cash Card - ICash card, ITZ Cash Card, Oxi Cash, Pay cash card etc
5. Mobile payments - Pay mate etc
6. Wallet - Pay TM, Mobikwik etc

Customers can return pieces that they have received as long as they have:
Customer invoice, all its original packaging and accessories, authenticity labels and all other items originally included with the pieces delivered and in unused/original condition within 3 Days. No returns will be accepted if the pieces are used, stained, washed, torn or worn out and the customer will be liable to pay for it.

6. When will the pick up be picked up?

  • The next working day after you checkout online
  • Once you checkout online we will get an intimation for return request and our courier partner will come to collect the pieces from your registered address



  1. Repack the return items in the same box and seal your Snobbox with a tape, along with all the original tags and packaging materials intact for each product.
  2. Find one copy of the FedEx return shipping labels and proforma invoice in the same kit.
  3. Stick the copy of prepaid return shipping label and attached proforma invoice on top of the box and hand the box to the return pickup associate.
  4. Do not fill/sign any manual form provided by the FedEx courier guy. If in case, the pickup associate still insists, kindly call us on (+91) 8369426950 / 9819095210 and we’ll resolve it.
  5. Do not hand over any other original invoice copies while returns, it is for you to keep.
  6. The return items will be picked up the very next working day from 2 p.m to 8 p.m.
  7. Due to the nature of the service, reverse pickup timings and pickup address cannot be changed since we are tied up with the third party courier partners and limited with the request.
  1. If you fail to check out online within 3 days or do not make online payments during checkout, all the products will be considered as sold and you’re liable to pay for the entire box. We believe that won’t be the case.
  2. We follow a strict quality check process before/after the box is delivered, hence if any item is returned worn, untagged or damaged, you will reimburse Snobbox in full retail price of the products.
    In the rarest case, if the customer finds any product in damage/defect condition, customer will inform Snobbox regarding the same (within 24hrs). We trust you will try the products in good faith.
  3. Kindly be advised that we already pre-pay the reverse shipping/octroi charge to our courier partner so that the process is simplified and if you fail to provide the prepaid return shipping label and attached proforma invoice to the courier guy, the cost of shipping/octroi of INR 400-1000 will be borne by the customer and will pay online for the same.

P.S: We hope to style you again and do share your unboxing/outfit pictures tagging @snobbox. We might surprise you with a feature or exciting goodies. Thank You!
SUPPORT CONTACT: (+91) 8369426950 / 9819095210 SUPPORT EMAIL: hello@snobbox.com

7. Can I have a different address for the delivery and pickup?

Unfortunately, no. We have the capacity to arrange reverse pick up from the same address it was delivered.

8. What if my reverse parcel is not picked within 48 hours? Will I be charged for the entire box?

We will attempt 2 times for the pickup. If you fail to give within 2 attempts, we will consider all the products sold and charge you for the same.
However, at times due to unforeseen circumstances of courier partners, we arrange for the third time after which we either ask customers to self-ship or charge for the entire box.

9. Can I exchange for another size in the same product?

Due to the nature of the service, we do not offer an exchange. However, in extreme cases of defect/stain, we do offer exchanges.


1. How do I place an order if it’s a gift for someone?

You can inquire about a gift card http://snobbox.com/giftcard

  • You can order a normal box on behalf of the beloved one whom you want to gift.
  • Please mention in the style note regarding the gift and convey the same to our stylists while on call and we'll be happy to style and ship a box.

2. How do I make payments for the pieces kept in gift cards?

Payments will work the same way as a normal order. You will have to check with the customer to what she loved and did not and checkout online on Snobbox account on her behalf and make the payments.

3. Are there any other fees associated with my gift box?

No, there aren't any fees when you order a gift box. Just a styling fee of Rs.199.

4. How much is shipping & Returns?

Shipping is always free at Snobbox—including our gift box!



1. Can I reschedule my Box?

You can reschedule a shipment from your homepage up until about 6 days before your shipment arrives. When rescheduling your shipment, the dates shown on the calendar represent the earliest available dates that we anticipate having inventory that matches your individual style and size preferences. If your shipment is less than 5 days away, you can contact us on our customer support to check whether the shipment can be rescheduled.

2. Can I cancel my Box?

You can cancel a shipment until approximately 10 days prior to the day that your shipment is scheduled to arrive. Within 10 days of your arrival date, you will need to contact us to determine whether or not the shipment can still be canceled. Once a shipment is being processed in our warehouse, we are unable to cancel it.



1. What if I don’t like anything? Do you refund the styling fee?

Styling fee is non-refundable but you can redeem it against your order

2. Can I use the products for a shoot?

We have a strict no use policy for the photoshoot. If we find the products being used and worn, the customer will be liable to pay for the pieces and it will be considered sold.

3. Can I replace the purchased items after 15-30 days?

Due to the nature of a business, once the products are sold, we are unable to exchange/ take returns

4. Do you do any pop-up exhibitions? How do I get updates for the same?

You can sign up on our website and we'll occasionally share the event details or can follow us on social media handles to know more.

5. Where can I follow Snobbox on social media?

We are very active on social media and keep updating the love for fashion.
You can follow us on: Instagram - here Facebook - here Snapchat - @Snobbox

More Questions/Queries?

Mail us at hello@snobbox.com